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Information Technology/Library (ITL) Fee

The Information Technology/Library (ITL) Fee is a mandatory fee approved by the Arizona Board of Regents in March 2006. The ITL fee enhances the University's student learning environment and increases UA's capacities to meet digital environment expectations.

UA students have high expectations for learning and living in today's digital environment, including wireless access in high traffic public locations and in all campus outdoor areas, library materials that are digitally available, and appropriately equipped classrooms. The ITL fee is used to upgrade and expand the University's capacity to provide this essential operating environment.

This fee is applied in the following terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer

The ITL fee is divided into a 56.36%/43.64% split between UITS and the UA Library. Theses fees are applied per semester.


ITL Total

IT Fee Library Fee
  (Per Semester Fees)        
1 unit $19.00 $10.71 $8.29
2 units $38.00 $21.42 $16.58
3 units $57.00 $32.13 $24.87
4 units $76.00 $42.83 $33.17
5 units $95.00 $53.54 $41.46
6 units $114.00 $64.25 $49.75
7+ units $137.50 $77.50 $60.01


The Information Technology fee is used to fund the following student services in FY10-11:

  • Wireless Network
  • 24x7 Help Desk
  • OSCR Student Computing Laboratories
  • D2L Programming, licensing, and data storage
  • Student software (e.g., Mathworks)
  • Video Conference classroom (McClelland Hall)
UITS - Student Tech Fee Funds  
       FY 10-11
Sources of funds:  
  FY 10 Carry forward         95,199
  FY 11 Student Tech Fee Revenue    5,178,800
    Sources subtotal   5,273,999
Uses of funds:  
  Wireless Network    1,728,300
  24x7 Help Desk    1,131,936
  OSCR Student Computing Laboratories    1,085,443
  D2L Programming, licensing, and data storage       800,788
  Student software       336,568
  Video Conference classroom (McClelland Hall)       125,000
    Uses subtotal   5,208,035

Phase 2 Increase for IT Fee (Memo of February 9, 2011) (PDF)

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