Mika Galilee-Belfer

Director, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Faculty Affairs & Strategic Planning and Co-Chair Strategic Planning & Budget Advisory Committee (SPBAC)

Dr. Mika Galilee-Belfer serves as Co-Chair of the University of Arizona's Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee (SPBAC), a shared governance group tasked with supporting University leaders in the development of the University’s strategic plan, as well advising on budget policies and institutional priorities as they relate to planning.  She is currently a member of the Appointed Professionals Advisory Council and has served on the Commission on the Status of Women, the University Professional Advisors Council, and a variety of other institutional groups.

Mika earned her Ph.D. through The Center for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Arizona, where her dissertation focused on policy formation and implementation, particularly the impacts of strategic ambiguity on educational equity.  As the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences’ Director of Faculty Affairs and Strategic Planning, Mika provides support in all faculty affairs matters and policy development and planning in the college.  Prior to this appointment, Mika worked as an academic advisor for undecided, exploratory, and interdisciplinary students, assisting students with understanding not only UA options and policies but also in reflecting on their own interests, strengths, and values in service to academic success.

Phone: 520.621.1114
Email: mikagb@email.arizona.edu