Provost's General Education Teaching Awards


University of Arizona Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost


To acknowledge teaching excellence in university general education.


Up to two awards of $1,000 each.


Candidates may be nominated by students, faculty members, department heads or deans. Nominated instructors must submit supporting information and teaching documentation.


Faculty members who have taught at least one course approved for general education during the previous calendar year and who can otherwise demonstrate a long-standing commitment to general education (e.g. through course development activities, service and curricular committees or sustained teaching efforts).


The nominating document must be limited to 50 pages and include:

  • Nomination letter(s), specifically addressing qualifications of award
  • Philosophy of teaching/highlights, commitment and contributions to General Education (including committee work)
  • List of General Education courses taught with enrollments plus representative syllabi
  • Teaching evaluation: peer evaluation and student evaluations
  • Letters of support, (solicited and unsolicited) with at least two letters from students


Materials are to be submitted via email as a composite PDF file, complete with: the nomination coversheet including page separators identifying each section to the Office of the Provost, Attention: Anne Marx at

In addition, please submit ONE copy of the entire nomination packet with original signatures and secure the packet with a sturdy clip.  Do not staple or use loose leaf notebooks or three-ring binders.  Materials such as books, reprints, CDs, DVDs or videotapes will not be accepted. 

The nomination cover sheet (fillable PDF) that identifies one person on the nomination team/committee to whom correspondence and/or questions may be directed must also be included in both the composite PDF file and the original. 

Review the nomination packet carefully before submitting to make sure that all of the required material is accurate and included. Packets that are incomplete may be delayed.


Nominations will be reviewed by a university-wide committee. Notification of the award winners will be sent to the individual, the Dean of the College and the nomination contact person in early March. Notification of nominations that were not selected will be sent to the Dean of the College and the contact person or an appropriate senior member of the nominating team.


This award will be recognized at the annual Awards of Distinction Ceremony held in April 2014 at the Student Union Memorial Center to honor the recipients of the University of Arizona highest faculty teaching honors.


Nominations will be accepted until 4:00 PM on Monday, January 6, 2014

Submit via email one composite PDF file to:
Deliver one complete packet with the original signed documentation to:
Anne Marx, Director of Administration
Office of the Provost
PO Box 210066, Administration Building, Room 512 


Please contact: Anne Marx, Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, 626-8121 or