Transformation Timeline for White Papers

September: The Proposal Development Phase

Preliminary proposals are being developed by deans and also by department heads and faculty considering opportunities for consolidation. Pre-Proposals are being discussed in various forums. Such discussions should include the current names of the units to be merged and a name for the new unit. General ideas about the structure of the new unit (graduate and undergraduate programs, faculties, etc) should be outlined along with projected savings. All proposals should specify how the mergers and realignments will strengthen the research, teaching, and service of the units while increasing efficiency.

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October: Deliberations upon Proposals

October 13: White Paper Proposals Due to Provost

Whether teams are formed by deans, heads, or independent working groups, all proposal teams must consult staff, appointed personnel, faculty, and students. The process of building support for proposals must include consultations with department heads and deans. Interdisciplinary teams may also consult with Graduate Dean Andrew Comrie. Open forums must be held before White Paper Proposals are submitted. Input should also be solicited from external constituencies.

By October 13, White Paper Proposals are to be submitted by interdisciplinary working groups, heads, and deans. These proposals should have a cover page and budget page, as detailed below. Feedback will be provided by the Transformation Advisory Subcommittee of SPBAC.

Proposals will be submitted to a portal that will be on the Provost’s Transformation Page by October 3:

White Paper Proposals should include

Cover Page

  • Name of the proposed new unit;
  • Name, address, phone number and email information of one contact person for this proposal;
  • List and title of the members of the team that developed the proposal;
  • List of the current units (including the academic programs) that will be reorganized/consolidated.

Three-Page Justification

  • Explanation of how the reorganization or consolidation will strengthen the unit’s teaching, service, and research, or creative activities, and thereby advance the University in accordance with the UA Strategic Plan 2009-2013;
  • Explanation of how the reorganization will raise the unit’s and the university’s ranking or reputation; and
  • Description of the processes of consultation with deans, heads, faculty, staff, appointed personnel, and students and the extent to which this proposal has the support of those affected (with the understanding that it may not have been possible to conduct full consultation with all parties at this point in the process).

Budget page

  • A budget page with a general outline of the projected net savings due to the reorganization.

The SPBAC Transformation Plan Advisory Subcommittee will review the White Papers and provide not more than one page of advice and feedback to the Provost regarding:

  1. Duplications among the proposals,
  2. Positive impacts of each proposal, and
  3. Negative impacts of each proposal with respect to the following criteria.

Positive and negative impacts will be assessed by SPBAC criteria:

  • Centrality to mission and priorities of the university;
  • Quality of research, teaching, and outreach;
  • Productivity in educational offerings and research, scholarship, and creative activities;
  • Efficiency of unit’s operations; and
  • Demand for the research, services, and graduates from the unit.

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