White Paper Proposals

Approximately 75 white papers were received.

Proposed New Unit or Name of Proposalsort icon Contact Person
White Paper from Undergraduate Academic Advising Council (UAAC) Roxie L. Catts
University/general policies Kevin Lansey
University College Juan R. García
Unit of Environmental Engineering and Science to Function within a Broader Research School/Institute or College Merger Dr. Jim A. Field
Undergraduate Writing Instruction Elena Plante, PhD
Umbrella Program for Graduate Training in Molecular Life Sciences Vicki Chandler
UA South White Paper Proposal Gerald L. Jubb, Jr.
Tripartite Reorganization of College of Medicine Carol Bernstein
Transforming Technology Support Services: A Proposal Michele Norin
The Vice President for Instruction Juan R. García
The University of Arizona and the World’s Land Grant University: Teaching, Research and Service that are World-Class, World-Wide, Real-Time and Relevant Mike Proctor
The School of Mathematical Sciences Tom Kennedy
The Ongoing Restructuring of the College of Fine Arts Maurice J. Sevigny
The Honors College Patricia MacCorquodale
The College for Design and the Sustainable Environment Janice Cervelli, FASLA
The Border, Transnational, and Cross-Cultural Studies Initiative Javier Duran
Steward Observatory/Department of Astronomy/School of Physical Sciences Sharon Jones
Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW) Sally Stevens
School of Sustainability for Energy, Water, and Materials Prof. Glenn Schrader and Prof. Joe Simmons
School of Soil, Water, Environment and Natural Resources Lisa J. Graumlich (through Eugene G. Sander)
School of Plant Sciences Robert T. Leonard (through Eugene G. Sander)
School of Neuroscience Julie M Barkmeier-Kraemer
School of Mind, Brain, and Behavior Betty Glisky
School of Government and Public Affairs William J. Dixon
School of Geological, Atrmospheric, Hydrologic and Environmental Sciences Karl W. Flessa
School of Geography and Development: Consolidating and Expanding Key Affiliations Paul Robbins
School of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (SEEB) Richard E. Michod
School of Biological and Biomedical Engineering Donald C. Slack (through Eugene G. Sander)
School of Anthropology Barbara J. Mills
School of Animal Systems Ron Allen (through Eugene G. Sander)
Sarver Heart Center Carol Gregorio, Ph.D.
Research Institute for Arts of the Americas (RAII) Peter McAllister
Reorganize UA South into Arizona Outreach College and UA@ J.C. Mutchler
Reorganize the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Ed Donnerstein
Reorganization of the Physical Sciences at the U of A, Developed by the Faculty of the Department of Physics Michael Shupe
Reorganization involving the Eller College of Management’s Student Support Services Paul R. Portney
Reorganization involving the Eller College of Management’s School of Public Administration and Policy and Other Departments Paul R. Portney
Parents and Family Association Kathy Adams Riester
New Configuration of the Department of Classics Mary E. Voyatzis
Near Eastern Studies Michael E. Bonine
Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health White Paper Iman Hakim, MD, PhD, MPH
Literary Arts Emphasis Gail Browne
Leadership, Higher Education, and Policy (LHEP) Kris Bosworth
Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture Ed Wright
Institute for Mineral Resources Mary Poulton
Incentives to Retain Untenured Research Faculty and to Raise Extramural Funding Under Any New University Structure Jeffrey S. Kargel
Hydrology and Water Resources Thomas Meixner
Graduate Program in “Integrative Insect Sciences” Nicholas J. Strausfeld
Future of Science and Mathematics Teacher Development Ingrid Novodvorsky
Educational Studies or Teaching and Learning Bruce Johson
Earth and Environment Consortium Lisa J Graumlich
Disability Studies and Counseling Linda Shaw
Department/School of English and American Studies in a College of Liberal Arts Jun Liu
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology John Murphy
Department of Neurobiology John G. Hildebrand, Ph.D.
Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Dr. Kate Dixon
Department of Mexican American and Raza Studies Antonio Estrada
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Mark A. Smith
Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences K. Larry Head
Create Thematic Interdisciplinary Schools Dean Janice Cervelli
Consortium of Units in Critical Analysis and Social Change Laura Briggs
College or School of International, Area, and Language Studies Anne H. Betteridge
College of World Cultures, Literatures, and Languages (WCLL) Mary E. Wildner-Bassett
College of Science and Engineering Joaquin Ruiz
College of Optical Sciences James C. Wyant
College of Nursing Carolyn L. Murdaugh
College of Medicine Steve Goldschmid, MD
College of Engineering Reorganization Jeffrey Goldberg/Kevin Lansey
College of Engineering and Applied Science Jerzy Rozenblit
Chemical and Environmental Engineering Kimberly Ogden
Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program G. Tim Bowden, PhD
Associated Students of The University of Arizona Tommy Bruce
Arizona Research Laboratories Dr. Michael A. Cusanovich
Arizona Pest Management Center Dr. Peter C. Ellsworth
Arizona Center for Student Success (ACES) Luis Moll
Arid Lands Resource Sciences GIDP and the Transformation Process Stuart E. Marsh
Animal Science-Veterinary Science Merger Committee Report Robert Collier/Lynn Joens
A School of Information Science, Technology and Arts (SISTA) Paul Cohen
A campus-wide school devoted to earth and environmental science Malcolm K Hughes