Course Support for Caregiving Instructors

Theater Arts Class during COVID-19

The Office of the Provost is committing $1M to address the considerable stresses and challenges that instructors who are also caring for others are facing through the pandemic. The funding is available for the Spring semester only at this time. Available funding will be allocated roughly in proportion to the College’s forecast for undergraduate and graduate credit hours delivered.

Examples of the use of funding:

  • To support hourly support for undergraduate or graduate students to grade work.
  • To support added technical support for remote learning.
  • To support technology costs associated with a transition to distance/online.*

This funding is not available to support graduate Teaching Assistantships, but may be used to fund additional work by those already supported via TA-ships, up to a maximum of 9 hours per week through the Spring semester.  The minimum hourly rate of pay for undergraduate students is $16 per hour, and for graduate students is $25 per hour, under this program.

* Please provide a justification on how the technology benefits the faculty to transition to distance/online class due to the pandemic. The funding is capped at $1,000/faculty.

The submission deadline has passed.

Submission Requirements:

  • Department heads, chairs or directors may apply for funds. Please coordinate with your respective college for submission.
  • College deans will be asked to review and approve all requests and prioritize them if required.
  • Requests may be submitted one at a time or consolidated by department and/or college.
  • The budget should be uploaded as an Excel spreadsheet. Pro forma document is available for download.

UPDATE: We funded a total of $357,465 to 14 colleges.

Updated 12:03 p.m. May 27, 2021

We recognize that many employees are experiencing extraordinary stresses at this time. We encourage all teams to find flexible approaches to work that support the work-life balance of individuals, to the extent possible.  As a reminder, Human Resources has the following resources available to support the needs of our Wildcat family. 


This spring will continue to be a challenging time. We will continue to work together and find solutions to address the considerable stresses caused by this pandemic.


Department heads, chairs or directors may apply for funds via a simple form in Arizona Cultivate.


The undergraduate and graduate SCH reports can be found in UAccess Analytics > Dashboard > RCM >Undergrad Base Metric or Grad Base Metric.

Filters: RCM Fiscal Year 2020 and Snapshot Year End

Please note that we are allocating the funds roughly in proportion to the College’s forecast for undergraduate and graduate credit hours delivered.

Because this is a pandemic mitigation measure, we aim to track the funds carefully to allow for efficient reporting and auditing in the future.  Accordingly, we ask that the disbursements be handled directly at the college level, by your college business offices, to ensure that the expenditures are compliant with state and federal rules for pandemic mitigation funds.

In collaboration with the Financial Services Office, we have developed the guidelines for this process

The funds will be transferred to the colleges and colleges are required to track the expenses (personnel and operations) using the project code COVIDINTRS.

Information on the use of project code for personnel expenses can be found below:

No, you may submit your request at any time before May 5. Please coordinate with your respective college for submission.

The funding is not meant for childcare and/or eldercare because the university has provided such resources.

Through the Childcare Choice program, the University of Arizona offers reimbursement for qualified childcare expenses (up to $2,000).

More information on Adult and Eldercare


Nina Bates

Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives