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Updated on April 8, 2021 at 9:30 am

Please find information about the following General Education Instructor Support programs below:

General Education Quick Start

Description: This is a module-based, self-paced introduction to the GE vision, curriculum and features for instructors preparing courses for the new UArizona General Education program.

Intended Audience: While the Quick Start was designed with instructors specifically in mind, anyone interested in learning about the GE curriculum is welcome to register!

Registration: Quick Start is available through self-registration in D2L. Click here for self-registration information.

How is this helpful?:  The General Education Quick Start modules will:

  1. Walk instructors through each element of the new curriculum;
  2. Help to find course “fit” within the new program;
  3. Utilize reflective prompts culminating in materials needed to submit a course proposal.

How long will it take?: The Quick Start is intentionally designed for flexible levels of engagement. At a quick pace, one could browse the materials in 1-2 hrs. At an in-depth pace, instructors can expect each module to take roughly 1-2 hours, with a total of 5 modules.

What are the goals of Quick Start? At the completion of the series of interactive modules, instructors will be able to: 

  1. Recognize the elements of the General Education Refresh vision, curriculum, and key features;
  2. Align course components with GE curriculum components according to fit;
  3. Articulate components of courses that align with GE requirements and those that may need re-tooling or additional support;
  4. Identify key elements of the signature assignment and reflect on ways to meaningfully incorporate it into course structure;
  5. Apply learning to transitioning course design elements through exploring the new GE course proposal form.

Quick Start Live-Online

Description: This is an intensive, cohort-based mini-course that will enable instructors to rapidly adapt their course for the new GE program. Upon completion of the Live-Online, instructors will submit their Course Proposal Form to the University Wide General Education Committee (UWGEC) for rapid batch review for Spring 2022 offerings.

Intended Audience: The Quick Start Live-Online is intended for instructors working to transition their existing GE course into the new program for the Spring 2022 rollout (Group A courses). Involvement in the Live-Online is highly encouraged but not required for instructors submitting course proposals for Spring 2022.

Registration: Priority registration will be given to Group A courses that colleges have identified as candidates for the Spring 2022 GE Refresh Launch. Colleges will be provided with a registration link for their Group A instructors to sign-up for the Live-Online. Courses will be capped at 30 participants.

Dates offered: The Quick Start Live-Online will be offered as two week-long sessions for Spring 2021:

  • Option 1: April 26-30, 2021
  • Option 2: May 3-7, 2021

How is this helpful?: The Quick Start Live-Online will provide the same information and materials as the self-paced Quick Start with the addition of collaborative workshops led by faculty and staff in the GE Office. Instructors will be able to ask questions, troubleshoot, and workshop materials with colleagues who are knowledgeable about the new GE curriculum. By the end of the course, instructors will have a completed Course Proposal Form to send to UWGEC for rapid batch review for Spring 2022 course offerings. UWGEC will review courses the week following Live-Online participation. 

How long will it take?: The Quick Start Live Online will encompass one full week (M-F) with synchronous (~1-2hrs/day) and asynchronous (~1hr/day) daily engagements. Asynchronous course components will follow the same modules as the self-paced Quick Start (see above) with participants engaging in synchronous, collaborative sessions to workshop their course transition elements with the active support of faculty and staff from the GE Office.

Deep Dive Sessions

Description: These one-hour webinars dive into specific components of the General Education Refresh through interactive presentation. Our April series will focus on specific curriculum elements of the new GE program.

Intended Audience: While the Deep Dive Sessions are designed with instructors specifically in mind, anyone interested in learning about the GE curriculum is welcome to register.

Registration: Visit Deep Dive Sessions for registration, information, recordings and additional resources, or click the date(s) below for direct registration.

Upcoming Dates: Several of our upcoming sessions, with more to come, include:

  • April 12, 2-3pm: Building Connections
  • April 15, 2-3pm: Exploring Perspectives
  • April 19, 1-2pm: Reframing Diversity in General Education
  • April 20, 1-2pm: Writing in General Education
  • April 22, 2-3pm: Quantitative Reasoning in General Education

Previous Deep Dive Series Recordings and Materials: Our first two Deep Dive Series focused on pedagogical elements and were offered in collaboration with the Office of Instruction & Assessment and the Writing & Learning Project.

How is this helpful?: These Deep Dive sessions provide a space for participants to learn about specific elements of the GE Refresh curriculum and ask questions. All sessions are recorded and posted on our website for later accessibility along with additional resources related to the topic.

How long will it take?: Each webinar in the April series will last one hour.

GE Office Hours

Description: The GE Office will be hosting open hours for April and May 2021.

Intended Audience: While intended for instructors transitioning their courses to the new GE curriculum, anyone with questions about the GE program can stop by.

Time: By appointment.

Contact: Please contact Itzel Iniquez ( for questions and to connect with members of the GE team.