General Education Quick Start

To access the Quick Start course, you must self-register. To do this:

Log into D2L at 

Click the Self Registration link at the top left 




Find the "General Education Quick Start Summer 2021" course title and click it to begin the registration process 















Click the Register button, then the Submit button, then the Finish button on the confirmation screen - your information will fill in automatically







You may click the link "Go to course offering..." to open the course directly





Once you have completed the self registration process, you can also find the course by opening the course selector and searching for Quick Start (or scrolling the list of courses)







We highly encourage you to "pin" the course to your D2L homepage for easy access 









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The Quick Start Live-Online is intended for instructors working to transition their existing GE course into the new program for the Spring/Summer/Fall 2022 rollout. Upon completion of the Live-Online, instructors will submit their Course Proposal Form to the University Wide General Education Committee (UWGEC) for rapid batch review. Courses will be capped at 30 participants.

Registration: At this time, only courses put forward by colleges are able to submit proposals. Please contact your Associate Dean if you are interested in refreshing your course for the new General Education program. Information about course proposal submission deadlines can be found here: General Education Refresh Course Proposal Submit Deadlines

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