Provost's Council

Liesl Folks

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Barry Brummund

Barry Brummund

Chief Information Officer, UITS

Gail Burd

Senior Vice Provost, Academic Affairs, Teaching and Learning

Elizabeth Cantwell

Elizabeth Cantwell

Senior Vice President, Research and Innovation

Andrew Carnie

Vice Provost, Graduate Education

Dean, The Graduate College

Cynthia Demetriou

Cynthia Demetriou

Associate Vice Provost, Student Success and Retention Innovation

Lisa Elfring

Lisa Elfring

Assistant Vice Provost, Office of instruction & Assessment

Jim Florian

James S. Florian

Associate Vice President, Institutional Analysis

Joel Hauff

Associate Vice President, Academic Initiatives - Student Success

Executive Director, Online and Distance Education Administration

Greg Heileman

Greg Heileman

Associate Vice Provost, Academic Administration

Douglas Hockstad

Douglas Hockstad

Assistant Vice President, Tech Launch Arizona

Robert Miller

Director, School of Architecture

Steve Moore

Steve Moore

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing/Communications Officer

Helena Rodrigues

Helena Rodrigues

Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources

Andrea Romero

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Nicole Salazar

Vice President, Financial Services

Chris Sigurdson

Vice President, University Communications

Marilyn Taylor

Associate Vice President, Finance and Administration

Mary Beth Tucker

Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Kasey Urquidez

Vice President, Enrollment Management

Dean, Undergraduate Admissions

Kathy Whisman

Kathy Whisman

Associate Vice President and Chief Budget Officer, Budget Office

Brent White

Vice Provost for Global Affairs

Dean, Global Campuses

Kendal Washington White

Vice Provost, Campus Life

Dean of Students