Andrew Carnie

Vice Provost, Graduate Education and Dean

The Graduate College

Dr. Andrew Carnie earned his Ph.D. from MIT in generative linguistics. He came to the UA in 1998 and is a Professor in the Department of Linguistics and a member of the Cognitive Science, the Intercultural Arts and the Second Language Acquisition, and Teaching Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDPs).

Dr. Carnie specializes in both the formal description of the syntax (sentence structure) and the instrumental and experimental analysis of the phonetics and phonology (sound structure) of less commonly spoken languages. He has worked extensively on the documentation and revitalization of endangered Celtic languages.  With multiple grants from the National Science Foundation, he performs psycholinguistic and instrumental measures of the unique sounds and sound patterns found in those languages.  In addition to numerous articles, he has written or edited thirteen books.  His textbook, Syntax: A Generative Introduction, is about to go into its 4th edition and is the most commonly used textbook in the field.

Dr. Carnie previously worked in the Graduate College as faculty director of the GIDPs. He helped to stabilize the funding for these programs and to develop mechanisms for best practices in the administration of interdisciplinary units.  Since 2012, he has been the Dean of the Graduate College, where he has worked hard to create the best experiences for our graduate students. He created the Graduate Center, which serves as the university’s primary place for Graduate Level professional development. He started the University Fellows program for exceptional students, and has been an active proponent for increased funding for Graduate Students and Graduate Programs.

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