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Academic Analytics

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The University of Arizona provides a subscription to Academic Analytics (AA), a powerful business intelligence tool for academic leaders and campus users. AA aggregates, curates, visualizes, and contextualizes data on faculty research and scholarly activities, enabling informed decision-making through user-friendly analytics.

Academic Analytics offers comparative faculty productivity data on academic departments and Ph.D. programs nationwide, structured to facilitate discipline-specific comparisons.

If you don't have access, please refer to the information below to request access. If you have access, log into the Academic Analytics portal using your NetID and password.

Academic Analytics Portal

Types of Access

Empowering Academic Excellence

Benchmarking enables you to explore your department and/or college's research and academic activities and compare them to those of peer institutions. Learn how to employ data-driven, holistic metrics to assist in strategic planning and program/department review processes.

Research Insight
Accelerating Discovery and Collaboration

Research Insight is a transformative solution that empowers administrators across various functional areas to discover relevant funding opportunities, identify subject matter experts, form multidisciplinary teams, and uncover suitable honorific awards. Learn how custom queries in this tool can serve as a catalyst for strategic decision-making and faculty research endeavors.

Alumni Insight
Tracking Career Success and Program Impact

Academic Analytics provides a standardized process to comprehensively collect and analyze alumni outcomes data for graduate programs. This invaluable information can be leveraged for program review, legislative reporting, and fostering industry partnerships.

Access Levels and Prerequsites

Access Levels

  • Departmental Access
  • College Access (Dean's approval required). An email approval from the dean is sufficient.


All new users are required to complete credentialing and meet prerequisites before gaining access. This step ensures that you have the necessary knowledge and understanding to effectively utilize Academic Analytics. Department-level access requires watching a video, while college-level access requires attending a training session. Users will receive further instructions via email.

Academic Analytics Access

To streamline the access process, we kindly request that you complete the form using the link below. This form will help us determine the appropriate type and level of access based on your specific needs.


click here to request access

Upcoming Trainings

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Videos and Recorded Webinars

Access videos and webinars in the portal:

  • Log in and click "Resources" (top right of home page)
  • Select "Videos" (top left)
  • Choose a video from the left menu and play

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