Dean Search

This page is to provide members of the UA community with information on current deans' searches, including information about search firms, search committee members lists, and status. This page will be updated as the searches progress.


2022 College of Education Dean Search

Search Firm: WittKieffer

Search Status: New dean hired at College of Education

Committee Chair

A-P Durand, Dean, College of Humanities

Committee Members

Amanda Kraus, Assistant Vice President for Campus Life; Associate Professor of Practice, Higher Education
Brandon Harris, Assistant Professor of Practice, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies
Carl Liaupsin, Dept. Head and Professor, Disability & Psychoeducational Studies
Desiree Vega, Associate Professor, Disability and Psychoeducational Studies
Elena Centeno Garcia, Director of UNAM Center for Mexican Studies
Erica Travassos, Director of Development, College of Education
Jameson David Lopez, Assistant Professor, Educational Policy, Studies and Practice
Jenny Lee, Professor, Educational Policy Studies and Practice
Jeremy Garcia, Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies
Jina Yoon, Professor, Disability and Psychoeducational Studies
Jonathan Tullis, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
Meg Cota, Assistant Professor of Practice, Educational Leadership
Rachel Barton, Director for Faculty Affairs; Assistant to the Dean
Sara Chavarria, Assistant Dean of Research
Tasnim Alshuli, Graduate Student, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies, Member of Deans Graduate Advisory Board

2022 Eller College of Management Dean Search

Search Firm: Education Executives

Search Status: New dean hired at Eller College of Management

Committee Chair

David Hahn, Dean, College of Engineering

Committee Members

Aiza Coulter, Graduate Student, President of the African American Honorary and President of Entertainment Club
Anastasiya Ghosh, Associate Professor, Marketing
Brian Ellerman, Director, FORGE
Cortez Smith, Manager, Business Consulting
JP Roczniak, President and CEO, UA Foundation
Katie Maxwell, Associate Director, Accounting
Laura Scaramella, Director, Family and Consumer Sciences
Marci Hill, Director, Administration – Academic Affairs
Phoebe Chalk-Wadsworth, Senior Director of Development, Eller College of Management
Price Fishback, Professor, Economics
Sudha Ram, Professor, Management Information Systems
Walter Zipperman, Advisory Council Representative
Yong Liu, Department Head, Marketing

2022 College of Social and Behavioral Science Dean Search

Search Firm: Russell Reynolds Associates

Search Status: New dean hired at College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Committee Chair

Andy Schulz, Dean, College of Fine Arts; Vice President for the Arts

Committee Members

Alex Braithwaite, Professor; Associate Director, School of Government & Public Policy (SGPP)
Bo Yang, Assistant Professor, Communication
Catherine Brooks, Department Head; iSchool Director; Associate Professor; Founder, Center for Digital Society and Data Studies
Diane Ohala, Associate Professor of Practice, Linguistics; Director of Undergraduate Studies
Francisco Pedroza, Assistant Dean, Business-Finance
Ginny Healy, Senior Director of Development
Guadalupe Lozano, Associate Research Professor of Mathematics, College of Science; Director, Center for University Education Scholarship (CUES); Director, External Relations & Evaluation School of Mathematical Sciences 
Jenny Flynn, President and CEO, Community Foundation for Southern Arizona 
Mahmoud Azaz, Associate Professor, Arabic Language, Linguistics, & Pedagogy; UA Distinguished Fellow
Ron Trosper, Professor, American Indian Studies
Sonia Batsheva Kaufman, PhD Student, Geography; Graduate and Professional Student Council