Return to the University Workplace Team

The Return to the University Workplace Team is developing guidance for essential workers already on campus, and those that will return before the fall semester.  The Team is evaluating best practices for different workplace environments such as labs, offices, customer contact zones, vehicles, and remote locations.  Developed guidance will assist department heads and supervisors with decisions around PPE, distancing options, face coverings, and symptom monitoring.


Steve Holland, MS, ARM, CRM, Chief Risk Officer, Risk Management and Safety,

Stephanie Griffin, PhD, CIH, Manager, Research Safety and Health, Assistant Professor, Public Health, Rsrch Laboratory & Safety Svcs,

Team Members

Chad Myler, MS, CHES, Senior Coordinator, Employee Wellness and Health Promotion, Human Resources,

Chante Martin, Interim Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, AHS Human Resources,

Chris Kopach, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management,

Chris Pastore, Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel,

Heather Walsh, MD, CPS/A,  Physician, Occupational Health,

Ilya Smith, UA Chief Compliance Officer, Office of University Initiatives,

Josie Kelly, Human Resources Organizational Consultant, Human Resources,

Jim Metras, BSBAM, COHC, Program Manager, Occupational Health,

John Murphy, Manager, Industrial Hygiene Programs, Risk Management and Safety,

Julie Katsel, Senior Director, Government Relations / Local and Community,

Lori Schultz, Senior Director, Research, Impact and Innovation,

Lori Van Buggenum, Assistant Director, Disability Resource Center, 

Maggie Murphy, MS, ASP, Specialist, Research Safety, Rsrch Laboratory & Safety Svcs,

Meghan Updike, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Health,