Spring 2021 PIF Report

Spring 2021 PIF Report

Updated 2:30 p.m. April 5, 2021

This report is to share the outcomes for the Spring 2021 Provost's Investment Fund (PIF) competitive round. On December 7th, 2020, the Office of the Provost solicited proposals that would:

(i) promote growth and opportunities to generate new revenues to the institution

(ii) increase students’ success, graduation, and retention, especially for underrepresented groups

(iii) promote diversity and inclusion.

We received 98 amazing proposals, for a total of approximately $14.4M in funds. The proposals were categorized into three categories: Academic Program, Research, and Student/Employee Program and were evaluated by three advisory committees consisting of diverse students, faculty, and staff.

Category number of proposalS
Academic Program 29
Research 27
Student/Employee Program 42


The following proposals are approved for funding for one or two years based on the recommendations of the committees and alignment with our institutional strategic priorities.

Category UNIT name proposal title APPLICANT Team members TOTAL amount
Academic Program College of Law Legal Paraprofessional Certificate Program Keith Swisher

Linus Kafka & Mark Blair

Academic Program College of Fine Arts, Arizona Arts Stories Travel: To advance the key goals for diversity and recruitment and speaks directly to UArizona’s land grant mission Kerryn Negus Andrew Belser, Joe C. Klug, Yuri Makino & Hank Stratton $187,000
Academic Program College of Nursing Enhancing Arizona Nursing Inclusive Excellence (E-ANIE) Steve Machtley David Celaya-Gonzalez, Erin Coleman, Madelyn Davis,Leslie Dupont, Andrea Fischer, Jill Hagaman, Deborah Nesbitt, Lydia Parra, Graciela Silva Torres & Silvia Xu $184,000
Academic Program College of Applied Science & Technology Undergraduate Data Literacy: An Interdisciplinary, Community-Informed, Teaching and Research Program Li Xu & Sheena Brown   $161,000
Academic Program College of Education Borderlands Education Center Development Project Etta Kralovec & Nadia Alvarez Iliana Reyes & Alison Van Gorp $171,000
Research College of Medicine-Tucson The National Summer Undergraduate Research Project (NSURP), a Platform for Engaging Underrepresented Minorities in STEM Michael Johnson David A. Baltrus & Corey Knox $128,000
Research Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health The Stewardship of Indigenous Peoples’ Data at the University of Arizona Stephanie Carroll Felina Cordova-Marks, Ibrahim Garba, Nirav Merchant, Claudia Nelson & Megan Senseny $90,000
Research College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture Climate-Positive Building Lab Jonathan Bean Dom Boccelli $171,000
Student/Employee Program College of Engineering Engineering Access, Greater Equity & Diversity (ENGAGED) Program David Hahn Kathleen Melde, James Baygents, Noel Hennessey, Kelly Ratliff & Marisa Pope-Malings $187,000
Student/Employee Program Diversity and Inclusion The Second Year Edge: Peer Mentoring Program to Support the Retention of Men of Color Jane Pizzolato Julian Juan, Ramon Lopez Serrano & Stephanie Noriega $97,000*
Student/Employee Program College of Humanities Graduate Writing Institute Andrea Holm Karen Barto, Jen Glass, Nadia Moraglio & Tammy Cox $30,000
        TOTAL $1,580,000


Additional funding was provided from the Federal CARES Act allocation set aside for Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI), for the proposals below:

category unit name proposal title applicant team members total amount
Student/Employee Program Division of Agriculture, Life, and Veterinary Sciences and Cooperative Extension Building a Student Basic Needs Infrastructure Daniel McDonald Melanie Hingle & Lucas Schalewski $174,155
Student/Employee Program College of Medicine - Tucson Peer Support Specialist Training for Native Americans: A New Approach to Expand Behavioral Health Services in Arizona’s Native American Communities Teshia Solomon James Cunningham, Cheryl Glass, David Delawder & Rita Romero $199,154
Student/Employee Program Graduate and Professional Student Council (Graduate College) GPSC Promising Practice Grants Shilpita Sen   $8,000
Academic Program College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Antiracist Vertical Writing Across the Curriculum: A Coalition of Support for Students and Faculty Aimee Mapes Rochelle (Shelley) Rodrigo & Nick Cenegy $199,972
Academic Program Office of Research, Innovation, and Impact Confluence Border Lab Fellowships Javier Duran Daniel E Martinez, Anita Elizabeth Huizar Hernandez, David Taylor & Colin M Deeds $194,242
      TOTAL   $775,523

Demographic data for the funded proposals

PIF Spring 2021 Gender

Spring 2021 IPEDS ethnicity

Our sincere gratitude to Marla Franco, Assistant Vice Provost, Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Initiatives, and the committee members who reviewed the proposals and provided their expertise and insights to this important process.

Academic Program Review Committee
Greg Heileman, Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education, Academic Administration
John Pollard, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, The Honors College
Kyle Diroberto, Associate Professor, College of Applied Science and Technology
Molly Bolger, Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Ron Hammer, Professor, Basic Medical Sciences
Shilpita Sen, President, Graduate and Professional Student Council

Research Review Committee
Jamie Boehmer, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, College of Veterinary Medicine
Jane Zavisca, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
John O’Neil, Vice President, Research Development, Research Innovation & Impact
Rebecca Gomez, Interim Associate Dean for Student Academic Success, College of Science
Simmons Buntin, Director, Marketing and Communications, CAPLA

Student/Employee Program Review Committee
Bill Neumann, Professor of Practice, Management Information Systems
Jeffrey Jones, Information Technology Support Analyst, Senior, UITS
Jennifer Lawrence, Manager, Business-Finance, Neuroscience
Kimberly Jones, Vice Dean, Academic Affairs-College of Humanities
Linda Denno, Associate Dean, College of Applied Science and Technology