Fall 2022 PIF Report

Fall 2022 PIF Report

Updated 11:00 a.m. December 12, 2022

On August 29, 2022, the Office of the Provost solicited from faculty and staff proposals that were innovative, aspirational, aligned with the University's strategic plan, and followed these institutional priorities:

  • Increasing student success, including graduation and retention rates, especially for groups underrepresented within the relevant disciplines
  • Promoting growth and opportunities to generate new revenue for the institution
  • Expanding student experiential learning
  • Enhancing research capacity
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion

We received 64 outstanding proposals requesting funds totaling approximately $9.1M. The proposals were evaluated by peer review committees consisting of diverse faculty, students, and staff. Nine proposals below have been awarded funding totaling $1,464,200 for two years.

Proposal Title Unit Name Applicant/Team Leader/PI/Team Members Approved Amount
2023-2024 Microsoft Excel Collegiate Challenge Eller College of Management, Department of Finance David Brown $200,000
Counseling & Psych Services Training Program Technology Expansion Campus Health, Counseling & Psych Services Joel Gaffney, Hector-Jose Reyes & Aaron Barnes $46,000
Early Math Placement Outreach College of Science, Department of Mathematics Tina Schuster, Tina Deemer, Emily Ross, Marco Ortiz, Michelle Woodward, Arezu Corella, Caitlin Kerrigan & Patrick Bryan $200,000
Engaging Students in Specimen-based Research on Arizona's Insects of Importance to Agriculture, Human Health, and Natural Areas College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Entomology Wendy Moore $200,000
Self Driving Robot Polishing for Extreme Large Mirror Fabrication James C, Wyant College of Optical Sciences Heejoo Choi & Daewook Kim $200,000
Serving All Musicians:  Providing Enhanced Access to Creative Musical Performance for our Diverse Student Population College of Fine Arts, Fred Fox School of Music Lori Wiest & Chad Nicholson $199,200
Strengthening the UA contribution to NASA Earth System Atmospheric Observing System mission College of Science, Department of Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences Xiquan Dong, Ali Behrangi & Baike Xi $184,000
The Arizona Undergraduate Historical Research Symposium College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of History David Pietz, Katherine Morrissey, Paul Milliman & Ryan Kashanipour $35,000
WRITES: Writing and Research Indigenous Team Expanding Scholarship Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, Department of Health Promotion Sciences Felina Cordova-Marks & Jennifer Erdrich $200,000
    TOTAL $1,464,200


Our sincere gratitude to the committee members who reviewed the proposals, provided their expertise and insights into this important process, and provided constructive feedback to the applicants.

•    Aaron Matthew Davis, Senior Lead Learning Specialist, CATS Academics
•    Aimee Jo Gibney, Associate, Research Development, Research Development Services
•    Allison M Harte, Grant and Contract Analyst, Principal, Sponsored Projects Services
•    Amanda M Stevens, Assistant Director, Operations, ALVSCE Administration
•    Amelia Herb, Lecturer, English,
•    Amy Dohm, Lecturer, English
•    Bethy Clark, Lecturer, English
•    Bijun Sai Kannadath, Assistant Research Professor, Internal Medicine, COM Phx Internal Medicine
•    Cheryl Greene, Lecturer, English
•    Chicheng Zhang, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
•    Claudia E Nelson, Director, Native Peoples Technical Assistance Office
•    Dilara AVCI, Graduate Assistant, Teaching, English
•    Dominique Valencia Calza, Director, Adalberto and Ana Guerrero Student, Center Inclusion & Multicultural Engagement
•    Frank Gonzalez, Assistant Professor, School of Government and Public Policy
•    Hannah Noel Douglas, Coordinator, Instructional Specialist, Think Tank
•    Henry Werchan, Assistant Professor of Practice, College of Applied Science & Technology
•    Joost L M Van Haren, Assistant Professor of Practice, The Honors College
•    Linda Lee Denno, Associate Dean, College of Applied Science and Technology
•    Lindsay G Ridpath, Program Manager, Corporate Engagement, Research Development Services
•    Lori Ann Mcallester Schultz, Assistant Vice President, Research Intelligence, Research Innovation & Impact
•    Mary Rigdon, Associate Professor, Political Economy and Moral Science
•    Melanie Christine Madden, Program Manager, Academic Administration
•    Michael J Mckisson, Associate Professor of Practice, Journalism
•    Mihailo Martinovic, Researcher/Scientist, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
•    Molly Stothert-Maurer, Associate Librarian/Archivist, Arizona State Museum
•    Prashant Sharma, Researcher/Scientist, COM Phx Child Health
•    Renee A Williams, Accountant, Senior, Public Health Administration
•    Rosemarie Johnson, Project Manager, Steward Observatory Steward Observatory
•    Sarah Elaine Bratt, Assistant Professor, School of Information
•    Shana M McClelland, Manager, Training and Development, Sponsored Projects Services
•    Shravan Guruprasad Aras, Assistant Director, Sensor Analytics & Smart Devices Platforms, UAHS Research
•    Stephanie U Murphy, Associate Research Social Scientist, WISE Director SW Institute for Research on Women
•    Steve Machtley, Assistant Dean, Learning - Healthcare Technology Innovations, College of Nursing
•    Teresa Cortez, Program Specialist, ASEMS, CALS Career & Academic Services
•    Trevor H Kvaran, Data Scientist, Senior, University Analytics and Institutional Research
•    Wendy M Epley, Principal Analyst, Information Security Office

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