Financial Administration

The Financial Administration area of the Provost's Office is responsible for the handling of institutional funds.

Responsibility Centered Management

The goal of Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) is to provide an incentives-based transparent budget model for the University of Arizona.


Stipend Policies

Information for Regents' Professor's annual stipend and the allocation for research or other professional activities.

Regents' Professor Stipend Policy

Regents' Professor Stipend Policy

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Eminent Scholars Program

The Eminent Scholars Program is administered through the University of Arizona Office of the Provost. The fund provides resources for newly established endowments whose focus is on the recruitment and/or retention for an eminent faculty scholar.

The fund is in a position to make a significant one-time investment. UA Provost Andrew Comrie and UA Vice President for Development JP Roczniak have agreed to use these funds to bolster and grow endowments in the colleges and units of the University of Arizona.

Starting on November 1, 2016, the Eminent Scholars Fund will be providing significant resources to college and units that close new faculty endowment gifts/gift commitments of $1M+. This funding will be available for the next $47.5M in new gifts and gift commitments (payable over 5 years or less) that meet the criteria. The UDP will provide updates on available funds quarterly or as needed.  Funds will only be committed once a signed gift agreement has been received by the UAF.

For additional information and questions please contact: Vicki Fleischer ( 520.626.9492 or Clint McCall ( 520.621.9069